Get to know our story

La Reyna was born in June 2022 in Roslyn Washington in a small space on a table with just 9 bottles of tamarind chamoy. At that time we did not know what would happen or where we would end up. Returning the story a little closer to the middle of 2020 my wife suffered a shoulder accident and it didn't fit well she couldn't work anymore and couldn't have a normal life we ​​tried many ways to lead a normal life but it was a bit difficult and she fell silent depression and it was almost impossible to get her out of there. We looked for help and there were good days and bad days, to add to all of this, I had to add that my job was 12 hours a day and it was more difficult to help her when there was very limited time. Then we found a good Michelada It was something that we enjoyed together and it is difficult to find one that is tasty so we decided to create our own version. Now something important was missing: a good chamoy.

It was the same story, it was difficult to find one that was delicious. We always remember with joy that night when there was no noise in the house we would cook recipes and play with the ingredients for many nights. It was like leaving those difficult days behind and at night everything changed and alleviated a little due to the distraction of making the chamoy. Until, after many failed attempts and a lot of wasted money, we got a chamoy that we liked, it was mango, and it was the first flavor we made, and well, we continued with the same routine of good days, bad days, and sometimes I had to not go to work to be able to spend time with her and help her. I forgot something I always liked was cooking and actually, the first idea was to sell seafood since sometimes I made snacks and people liked it and they told me you should sell and if at first, we started to make seafood and if it was going well and even laugh I remember it when I had an order, more people called and it was difficult to have the orders on time and we couldn't please everyone, so we realized that she felt good doing something like that and I did the same, so one day without realizing it they started asking me for chamoy.

But at work things got complicated and it demanded more than 12 hours a day so I had work and family and I knew that I had to choose one day with God's help and it is very curious to remember a person told me you should sell your chamoy in Roslyn and me without knowing how to sell with all the shame in the world without knowing what to say was a moment in my life where I said god help me. At first, no one bought because they didn't know what chamoy was, and then very slowly we began to sell I already had to go to work less because of the risk we took to sell chamo and the money was less it was a lot of pressure in those days we had to pay the rent for the commercial kitchen where we made the chamoy, in the end, it was complicated and one day I remember it perfectly I said if this weekend is not going well for me I better go back to work More hours to be able to pay bills and look for another way to help the family I left the house that morning It was a rainy day and suddenly a man with a serious look arrives and asks what this is and I tell him chamoy with gummies he tells me I can try it I say yes and he says I don't like gummies but chamoy yes where do you make it and that's how they went At that time, many questions seemed uncomfortable because I had no idea who he was and that's how two hours of that rainy day passed.

In the end, his name is Oscar Guitron, owner and chef of a Mexican Grill restaurant located in Roslyn and Ellensburg. At the end of that talk, he tells me "Use my kitchen you don't have to pay me anything" and he gave me a lot of advice that I apply to this day he is a great friend that we love and appreciate very much that day everything changed. To the markets and also to change everything that has to do with the products and so little by little until I had to quit my job to have time with the family and dedicate ourselves only to the Reyna chamoy that you see today maybe not It is a lot for now but we are sure of something in each of our products there is a love story of struggle and above all a lot of faith and La Reyna is a tribute to my life partner (La Reyna means the Queen) my queen and if she is the magic behind each recipe curious note the first logo that you can see on Instagram is a tattoo that we have together. Another more curious fact we did not know how to make the Design or how to make chamoy or Bloody Mary mixes we did not know anything. What we did know is that God would be with us and here we are thanks to you who believe in our products that are made from scratch and all made by hand. Thank you for supporting our journey.